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The cover of "Music For Modules - Themes From Simon Perkins' Lurgy"

In 2023, Bristol duo Jez Butler and Polly Hulse – recording as The Twelve Hour Foundation – created four brilliant pieces of original music for our debut audio drama, Simon Perkins' Lurgy. Inspired by 1970s library music, the Radiophonic Workshop, and the BBC's Programmes For Schools and Colleges, these beautiful extended compositions contributed enormously to the play's atmospheric period feel.

This digital EP presents their isolated music in full for the first time.


Themes From Simon Perkins' Lurgy
by The Twelve Hour Foundation

Music written and recorded for the Mulgrave Audio play Simon Perkins' Lurgy.

Duo Jez Butler and Polly Hulse are the musicians behind the electronic/musique concrète teamup The Twelve Hour Foundation.
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